Charmander #004

Charmander Drawn by: Joe Joe’s grading: F Joe’s current statistics: 34 Pokemon drawn, 9B’s Charmander was one of the first Pokemon drawn by Joe.  He displayed next to no artistic talent when drawing Charmander, but he did at least have the guts to draw Charmander and place it on Jose’s partition.  Charmander was one of the first Pokemon drawn after Bulbasaur which was drawn by Sal. It was the second Pokemon drawn by Joe, and one that is always referenced when Joe draws another Pokemon since it serves as a great example of Joe’s Pokemon drawing improvement. Advertisements Continue reading Charmander #004

Venusaur #003

  Venusaur Drawn by: Erick Joe’s Grading: A Erick’s current statistics: 2 A+’s, 4 A’s, 1 A- Venusaur is one of only 7 Pokemon drawn by our master artist Erick G. We have come to rely upon Erick to draw the third stage evolution of our Pokemon to ensure that the final drawn in the series is truly a masterful evolution from my pitifully drawn first or second stage Pokemon.  Erick draws his in pencil which he uses for shading, then traces over in pen/sharpie. Continue reading Venusaur #003

Bulbasaur #001

The First Drawn Drawn by: Sal Gomez Joe’s Grading: B Sal’s current statistics: 47 drawn, 8 A’s, 26 B’s This was the very first Pokemon drawn. Sal drew it because he had for a period of time called Jose Bulbasaur, hence the “Hi, I’m Jose” in the upper right hand corner. This is the pokemon which sparked the whole process.  Bulbasaur is also one of only 5 Pokemon drawn entirely in pen, the others being a Haunter drawn by Zero Mark Thirty, Squirty and Meowth drawn by Jose, and Clefairy drawn Roland. -Joe Continue reading Bulbasaur #001