Wartortle #008

Drawn by: Joe Abittan Joe’s grading: D- Wartortle was one of the first Pokémon drawn by Joe. He drew it at some point after Jose had drawn Squirtle, and he chose to take on a slightly more difficult interpretation of Wartortle than what is available to view and draw on the internet.  Joe thought he could improve the quality of his drawing by adding something extra to it, hence the swirls around Wartortle. Continue reading Wartortle #008

Squirtle #007

Drawn by: Jose Joe’s Grading: B- Squirtle was the very first Pokémon drawn by Jose.  Sal and Joe had drawn a few Pokémon before Jose entered the drawing game, and he started out strong with a Squirtle very daringly drawn in pen. Bublasaur, Haunter, and Clefairy are the only other Pokémon drawn exclusively in pen. Continue reading Squirtle #007

Charizard #006

Drawn by: Erick Joe’s Grading: A Charizard is one of 7 Pokémon drawn by Erick.  Erick is a super good artist although you would not likely know it just by looking at him.  He is sneaky good, and all of our best drawings came from him. None of us seem to be able to master the shading, outlining, and shape of the Pokémon that Erick is able to achieve.  This one was done in pencil and then outlined with pen for greater definition. Continue reading Charizard #006

Charmeleon #005

Drawn by: Jose Joe’s grading: D Charmeleon was drawn early on in our Pokémon drawing experiment by Jose Barron.  Just as Charmander proved to be more challenging than expected for Joe, Charmeleon was not an easy drawing for Jose.  The shading on Jose’s Charmeleon does help it look a little better, but the Pokémon’s head is fairly disfigured making it look as though a strange alien created it. Continue reading Charmeleon #005