Weedle #013

  Drawn by: Jose Barron Joe’s Grading: C+ Jose drew Weedle as we were reaching the second third of our Pokémon post-it note drawings.  He did an excellent job adding the additional touch of some shading to Weedle to help it become much more than just an outline of a Pokémon. Jose also did well with fitting Weedle in the post it note nearly perfectly on center, which was challenging for many of our drawings. Advertisements Continue reading Weedle #013

Metapod #011

Drawn By: Joe Abittan Joe’s Grading: D- Joe Drew Metapod early on in the Pokémon drawing experiment, and the rudimentary skills of Joe’s artistic endeavors are clearly on display with Metapod. A relatively simply shaped Pokémon, Joe thought he would have no trouble drawing it.  Clearly, the strange which was is it facing, is  the back a spike or a nose, cocoon Pokémon was a little beyond Joe’s artistic ability. Continue reading Metapod #011