Pidgeotto #17

Drawn By: Sal Joe’s Grading: B- Pidgeotto was one of the better drawn bird Pokémon earning Sal a B-. There are 9 bird Pokémon, and two received grades in the B range.  The three legendary birds all turned out exceptional and received As, but for the rest of the birds, low grades and overweight appearances were common.  Pidgeotto is only slightly heavy, and fits within the post-it note pretty well which is unusual for Sal’s drawings. Advertisements Continue reading Pidgeotto #17

Pidgey #16

Joe’s Grading: D The bird Pokémon proved to be the most difficult for us to draw, with the exception of the three legendary birds.  Most of our birds ended up looking like plump Thanksgiving turkeys, and Pidgey is no exception.  Pidgey was one of the last Pokémon drawn by Joe, but it certainly was not his best. Joe never quite mastered birds, and Pidgey not completely recognizable for what it is supposed to be. A fun fact, in numerical order Pidgey is the first bird Pokémon to be introduced and is also the first Pokémon drawn on a red post-it note. Continue reading Pidgey #16

Beedrill #15

Drawn By: Jose Joe’s Grading: B+ Beedrill was one of the the last Pokémon that we drew, and it is an excellent example of Jose’s improvement during our drawing process. Jose drew 47 Pokémon and Beedrill is one of his best being scored among 5 other B+ drawings. Only 4 of Jose’s Pokémon drawings are rated higher than Beedrill.     Continue reading Beedrill #15