Fearow #22

Drawn By: Joe Abittan Joe’s Grading: C Fearow was one of the last Pokémon drawn and was completed by Joe. He held off as long as possible trying not to draw another bird Pokémon after the terrible Pidgey attempt. When drawing Fearow Joe turned the post-it note to draw on a diamond providing him with more room. Fearow is the only Pokémon drawn without having the sticky note square to the artist. Even with the extra room, Joe managed to draw Fearow a little on the plump Thanksgiving turkey side. Advertisements Continue reading Fearow #22

Spearow #21

Drawn By: Sal Joe’s Grading: C+ The bird Pokémon were without a doubt the most difficult for us to draw, and Spearow is evidence of their difficulty. Most of the bird Pokémon ended up looking like plump Thanksgiving turkeys, and this Spearow is clearly on its way to a dinner table near you.  He does have excellent detail around the face and feet and his beak and eyes are exceptionally well drawn. Sal’s shading helps it look better as well, but it does look like it swallowed a beach ball. When Sal drew Spearow he did a great job fitting it into … Continue reading Spearow #21

Raticate #20

Drawn By: Sal Gomez Joe’s grading: A Of the Pokémon posted so far, raticate is the first grade A work from Sal.  Raticate was drawn toward the end of the series and is in typical Sal fashion, slightly off center and slightly off the post-it note.  8 of Sal’s Pokémon received an A and he has 1 A-.  Raticate has excellent shadowing and great eye detail. Standing above the pitiful Meowth (which will be discussed in detail in the future), Raticate looks phenomenal. Continue reading Raticate #20

Rattata #19

Drawn by: Joe Abittan Joe’s Grading: C- Rattata was drawn by Joe relatively early on, and his crude skill and technique only earned him a C- minus for his effort. His lack of shadowing, decision not to erase errant lines, and terrible job drawing feet are all on display in his Rattata, and are indicative of Joe’s early work. When Rattata was first drawn many jokes were made about his incredibly large right arm, but none of those jokes will be repeated here. Continue reading Rattata #19

Pidgeot #18

Drawn by: Mark Joe’s Grading: C+ Mark Zaskie, or as we nicknamed him for the purposes of our pokedex ZeroMark, only drew two Pokémon for us.  He drew this Pidgeot and a Haunter and he signed his initials on each post-it note so that we would not forget him.  Mark has switched jobs and is no longer with us, but his artwork will always be with us on Jose’s desk.  His pidgeot is well drawn and looks much better than some of our other bird Pokémon, but he neglected to draw the feet on it, and gave it an angry scowl (I’d … Continue reading Pidgeot #18