Sandshrew #27

Drawn by: Sal Gomez Joe’s Grade: B- In terms of the Pokémon post-it drawings Sandshrew was a forgotten Pokémon. One that we never discussed and never even remembered drawing.  Sal drew Sandshrew toward the middle of the post-it note drawing spree and did a decent job. He is a little overweight looking, which is typical for those drawn by Sal, but he does fit nicely in the post-it note. Advertisements Continue reading Sandshrew #27

Riachu #26

Drawn by: Sal G. Joe’s Grade: B+ Riachu may not be everyone’s favorite Pokémon, always living in Pikachu’s tiny shadow, but in my opinion Sal did a great job stepping up from Pikachu’s rough feature’s with his Riachu. The happy Riachu has much better shading than the defecating Pikachu, and it has a better, less overweight shape.  Sal also did an excellent job fitting Riachu well inside the post-it note, something he typically did not manage as evidenced by Raticate and Arbok. The post it note is a bit smudged, a clear sign of the effort Sal put into the Pokémon. Continue reading Riachu #26

Pikachu #25

Drawn by: Sal G. Joe’s Grade: B Everyones favorite Pokémon was drawn by Sal toward the middle of our 151 adventure.  He ended up looking a bit overweight and like he was trying to poop. A few aspects of Pikachu are fantastic, but there are several aspects that didn’t quite work out. Overall, Sal’s pikachu is a well drawn Pokémon, and one we enjoy each day. Continue reading Pikachu #25

Arbok #24

Drawn by: Sal G. Joe’s Grade: A Sal drew Arbok and clearly put all his effort into it. It got a little squeezed into the edges on the bottom and does not fit perfectly in the post-it note which is typical for the Pokémon Sal drew. Arbok may be Cobra spelled backwards and with a C, but there was nothing backwards about Sal’s drawing. The detail on the face and flare of the snake is fantastic, and the shading is excellent. Continue reading Arbok #24

Ekans #23

Drawn by: Joe A. Joe’s Grading: C In case you never noticed, Ekans is just the word snake backwards. Had Joe truly been witty when drawing Ekans, he would have tried to draw it backwards one way or another, just to fit the name.  Ekans may not have received a high grade, but it was one of the Pokémon that was a turning point in Joe’s Pokémon drawing ability. He began to include more shading and improve on tricky features like eyes. Fun fact with this drawing, if you look close enough you can almost see Joe’s smudged fingerprints! Continue reading Ekans #23