Nidorina #30

Drawn By: Sal Joe’s Grade: C Sal drew Nidorina and did a decent, but not great job.  The Nidoran-Nidoqueen/Nidoking Pokémon in general were not very popular among our group.  Everyone tried to avoid drawing them, which ultimately meant they were drawn later on than others. Nidorina did not have great shading, and had a funky body shape. The challenges we faced with drawing small four legged Pokémon is the exact reason why we delayed drawing Nidorina. Advertisements Continue reading Nidorina #30

Nidoran #29

Drawn by: Joe A. Joe’s Grading: C+ Nidoran F was drawn by Joe and marked a turning point where his Pokémon drawing began to significantly improve. Nidoran in particular has good definition around the mouth and eyes, which was a big advance for Joe. The Pokémon is missing a foot which makes it look a little off, but hey, we can always assume the Safari Zone was a just a little too tough on this Pokémon. Maybe it’s foot will grow back with it’s next evolution! Some better shading a little more finesse would have helped this Pokémon stand out. Continue reading Nidoran #29

Sandslash #28

Drawn by: Sal G. Joe’s Grade: A- Sandslash was drawn toward the end of our Pokémon drawing adventure and it was very well done. Sal picked a fantastic action shot of the Pokémon and his decision really paid off. Sal included excellent shading with multiple different shades and very intense looking eyes for Sandslash.  He fits in the whole post-it note and does not look a little overweight which is rare for Sal’s Pokémon. Continue reading Sandslash #28