Nidoran M #32

Drawn by: Jose Joe’s Grade: C+ Nidoran was drawn by Jose and received a very average grade for his shadowing attempt and strange body shape.  The enlarged image above shows that Jose was not drawing on a perfectly smooth surface or post-it note as there are clear lines where shadowing did not take well. My guess would be that the lines are from a Pokémon drawn on a post-it note above the Nidoran, leaving impressions in the post-it notes in the pad below. Nidoran also seems to be missing an arm, leading one to suspect that Jose threw too many … Continue reading Nidoran M #32

Nidoqueen #31

Drawn by: Jose Joe’s Grading: A- Joe generously gave Jose an A- for his Nidoqueen drawing, and he is currently considering dropping the grade to a B+.  Nidoqueen was one of the last Pokémon drawn, and Jose did do an excellent job with his drawing. The face and shading of Nidoqueen put it over the edge, and the overall shape was done pretty well on what can be a tough Pokémon shape to draw. Continue reading Nidoqueen #31