Zubat #41

Drawn by: Joe Abittan Joe’s Grade: B- Zubat was one of the first Pokémon that I drew well. I think this was my second attempt at it and  I remember being quite pleased with the results. I added in the sound waves after putting it together and to be honest was generous with my grade of a B-. Continue reading Zubat #41

Wigglytuff #040

Drawn by: Joe Abittan Joe’s Grade: B- I may have graded this Pokémon a little too easily since it was one of my own, but it was much better than many of my other Pokémon, especially the Charmander I started with. Wigglytuff was one of the last Pokémon that I drew and with the exception of the eyes I was very happy with how it came out. Also of note, the best Pokémon I drew was Tentacruel, and you can see part of it on the blue stick note on the bottom left hand corner. Continue reading Wigglytuff #040

Jigglypuff #039

Drawn by: Sal G. Joe’s Grade: C+ Sal drew Jigglypuff relatively early on, and it was not his best effort. Everyone’s favorite Super Smash Bros Pokémon was a little underdeveloped compared to most of Sal’s other work. The shape is a little wonky and the eyes of this Pokémon are a bit unhinged. Overall, it is not a terrible drawing earning it a C+. Continue reading Jigglypuff #039

Ninetales #038

Drawn By: Sal Joe’s Grade: B+ I gave Sal a B+ for his ninetales Pokémon drawing as it just lacked the last tiny bit to get it over the edge to an A. It was still well drawn, but is a little cramped in typical Sal fashion so that it fits within the post-it note. I apologize for the blurry picture. My photography grade is clearly less than a B+. Continue reading Ninetales #038