Parasect #47

Drawn by: Joe Abittan Joe’s Grade: B- Parasect was one of the last Pokémon that I drew, and it was also one of my best. I was happy with it’s shape and shading, and felt that I put good detail in without trying to over-do the detail in a way that would cause me to goof up too much. It is simple, and for me, a well drawn Pokémon. Advertisements Continue reading Parasect #47

Paras #46

Drawn By: Sal Gomez Joe’s Grade: B- Sal Gomez drew Paras and actually managed to fit it in the post-it note without having to squish it in at the sides. I don’t remember when it was drawn, but I would guess somewhere around the late middle of all 151 of our Pokémon drawings. He had good shading and detail and it actually looks a little better from afar than on the large screen here. Continue reading Paras #46

Vileplume #45

Drawn by: Joe Abittan Joe’s Grade: B+ Vileplume was one of the best Pokémon that I drew, and it marked a real turning point in my Pokémon post-it note drawing. I really was able to focus on detail and better shape my Pokémon starting with Vileplume. I had decent shading and was all around very happy with the results. Continue reading Vileplume #45

Gloom #44

Drawn by: Sal Gomez Joe’s Grade: A Pokémon 44, the Obama Pokémon one may say, was excellently drawn by Sal. It was drawn in the middle of our drawing adventure and the picture does not do it justice. It was a very well done gloom and an interesting choice of action pose for the small plant Pokémon. Continue reading Gloom #44