Persian #53

Drawn by: Sal G. Joe’s Grade: B- Persian was one of the last few Pokémon drawn and was drawn by Sal who generally did better than me and Jose. He did a good job fitting Persian in the Post-it Note but overall the Pokémon does not really stand out. He had good shading and good shaping which was tough for us on dog/cat-like Pokémon. At the bottom of the image below you see the top of Dotrio, Sal’s true magnum opus of Pokémon drawing. Advertisements Continue reading Persian #53

Meowth #52

Drawn by: Jose B. Joe’s Grade: D Meowth was one of the first Pokémon that Jose drew. He used a pen and just focused on the Pokémon’s outline and was a bit rough. The eyes make Meowth look either a little drunk, or a little punch drunk, or a possible combination with an intoxicated Blastoise nailing him with a hangover beer powered hydropump blast. Continue reading Meowth #52

Dugtrio #50

Drawn By: Sal G. Joe’s Grade: B+ Sal drew Dugtrio and drew my Diglett out of the water in the process. Dugtrio has an aggressive look, good shading, and nice detail with the dirt around it. I originally only gave it a B, but I think I may have to bump this Pokémon up to an A. Sal did an excellent job fitting Dugtrio in the center of the post-it, which is not something he always managed. Continue reading Dugtrio #50

Diglett #50

Drawn by: Joe Abittan Joe’s Grade: C Diglett was one of the very first Pokémon that i drew. I was very happy with how it turned out, even though I picked the simplest possible version of the Pokémon to draw. I didn’t have much detail and did not include any shading, but overall I was happy with it even if Sal and Jose thought it quite rudimentary. Continue reading Diglett #50

Venonat #48

  Drawn by: Joe Abittan Joe’s Grade: C- I drew Venonat relatively early on and it is very rudimentary which follows my early style. Overall for my Pokémon it was ok, which is probably more of a thanks to its simple body shape and ability to be drawn without too much detail. I did struggle with the antennae which is the only part with any real detail. Continue reading Venonat #48