Mankey #56

Drawn by: Jose B. Joe’s Grade: B- Mankey was drawn relatively early on and was one of the first Pokémon where Jose really did good shading. The overall shape of Mankey is not great, but Jose’s shading is well done earning a B-. Below Mankey you see the top of Grimer, considered by Sal to be one of (if not the) best Pokémon drawn by Joe. Advertisements Continue reading Mankey #56

Golduck #55

Drawn by: Jose Joe’s grade: D Golduck was certainly not the best Pokémon that Jose drew. He was one of the first Pokémon drawn, and things got much better. The Pokémon somewhat looks like he had a recent encounter with a teenage boy driving his dad’s truck. Jose had some trouble drawing the webbing in his feet, and Golduck’s left hand seems to be holding a wireless computer mouse? Overall, we applaud Jose for his good effort. Continue reading Golduck #55