Slowbro #80

Drawn by: Jose Joe’s Grade: C- Following up his ok job drawing Slowpoke, Jose endeavored to tackle Slowbro. Unfortunately, his Pokémon drawing skills were fairly lacking for what was a quite challenging Pokémon. Slowbro’s body looks like it has taken a beating, his arms seem like maybe they have some nerve damage, his face looks extra loopy, and the shell thing eating his tail looks like a bad date to wake up next to after a alcohol filled Saturday night. Luckily for Jose things did get better than Slowbro, but this Pokémon probably does not actually deserve the C- I gave it. Advertisements Continue reading Slowbro #80

Slowpoke #79

Drawn by: Jose Joe’s Grade: C+ Jose drew Slowpoke and did a pretty average job with the Pokémon. His shading looks good around within Slowpoke’s mouth, but is otherwise lacking. The Pokémon’s shape looks fine, but is not really great. But more than anything, Jose did a good job drawing a Pokémon that could easily be identified. Continue reading Slowpoke #79

Rapidash #78

Drawn By: Erick G. Joe’s Grade: A Rapidash was a fantastically drawn Pokémon from our drawing master Erick Gutierrez. He didn’t quite capture the whole Pokémon on the post-it (very much in Sal fashion) but he did a fantastic job with shading, the flames, and especially the angry unicorn’s head. Rapidash was truly one of our masterpiece Pokémon. Continue reading Rapidash #78