Kangaskhan #115

Drawn by: Sal Joe’s Grade: B+ Kangaskhan is a great example of Sal’s Pokémon artwork. Good shading, outline with a black pen, and the Pokémon not quite fitting on the post-it note. Kangaskhan was an ambitious Pokémon to take on, so Jose and I left it to Sal who is was much better artist. He did an excellent job with the Pokémon’s face and with its little baby tucked in its pouch. Advertisements Continue reading Kangaskhan #115

Tangela #114

Drawn by: Jose Joe’s Grade: B+ Tangela was appropriately given a B+ by Joe. It was a well drawn Pokémon from Jose, with good features, but a few sloppy details that kept it out of the A range. Jose did a good job with the tangle tube-like body of the Pokémon, but goofed the feet where he added a little color. His shading was pretty solid and the eyes are well done. Tangela is one of the few Pokémon to have any color, and may be the only one not drawn by Joe with color pencil used. Continue reading Tangela #114

Chansey #113

Drawn by: Sal Joe’s Grade: B+ There is nothing special about Chansey in our Pokémon drawing world. Sal drew it and managed to get it all inside the post-it note, which is impressive for Sal. He added some nice shading as a little extra touch to it, but overall, the unremarkable egg Pokémon is unremarkable in our artistic rendition as well. But that Zapdos beneath it… Continue reading Chansey #113

Rhydon #112

Drawn by: Jose Joe’s Grade: B Jose received a very generous grade of B for his Rhydon. Overall the Pokémon is not very well drawn and looks as though it was poached and mounted on someone’s wall. Jose did give it a good try with his shading and did OK with the overall shaping, but I probably need to knock it down a little from my original grade. Continue reading Rhydon #112

Rhyhorn #111

Drawn by: Sal Joe’s Grade: B+ Rhyhorn was drawn pretty late in the game by Sal and he did an excellent job. For a challenging Pokémon, Sal nailed the shape and had good detail with the shading. Some parts look a little clunky, which works for Rhyhorn, and it looks a little bloated, but otherwise is fantastic. Sal even managed to fit it entirely on the post-it. Continue reading Rhyhorn #111

Weezing #110

Weezing, along with the teaser for Aerodactyl below, may have been the best Pokémon that Joe drew. The sad, lung cancer afflicted gaseous Pokémon was perhaps too dramatic in its unhealthy state, but the depth of the dramaticism is what gives it that edge. Joe nailed the shading and shaping of the Pokémon and was on point with small details. Perhaps the eyes could have been a little better, but overall it was well done. Continue reading Weezing #110

Lickitung #108

Drawn by: Jose Joe’s Grade: C Lickitung was another challenging Pokémon that Jose decided to take on. It was one of the last ones drawn, and was not Jose’s best work. The body and giant tongue did not quite work out as well as Jose had hoped, but as I said earlier, it was certainly a more difficult Pokémon to draw than say a Voltorb. Continue reading Lickitung #108

Hitmonchan #107

Drawn by: Jose Joe’s Grade: D While Bruce Lee may have been ok with Jose’s rendition of the Pokémon named in his honor, Jackie Chan would certainly be disappointed with Jose’s attempt at Hitmonchan. The Pokémon’s face looks a bit like Groot, but the rest of the body looks like a 95 year-old Rocky Balboa wearing some sort of Dragon Ball Z outfit. Luckily for our drawing, Hitmanchan was one of Jose’s worst pieces, and the quality of his other artwork was much improved. Continue reading Hitmonchan #107

Hitmonlee #106

Drawn by: Jose Joe’s Grade: C Hitmonlee was another Pokémon that Jose drew early on during our artistic Pokémon adventure, and it would have served Jose well to wait until a little later to draw the kung-fu kicking Hitmonlee. His shading didn’t work out so well, and Hitmonlee’s eyes look as thought Hitmonchan got in a few too many clear punches. Overall, it is ok, and Jose did do a great job with the kicker’s legs. Continue reading Hitmonlee #106