Ponyta #77

Drawn by: Jose Joe’s Grade: C Jose’s Ponyta left a lot to be desired. He was quite ambitious taking on the pony Pokémon, but ultimately his small burning horse came up a little short in the quality dimension. It was not the worst Pokémon that Jose drew, but it was a far shot from his best. The Pokémon’s head does look ok, but the flames across its body gave it a pretty funky look overall. Advertisements Continue reading Ponyta #77

Graveler #75

Drawn by: Sal Joe’s Grade: B Sal drew Graveler and it is a perfect representation of his Pokémon drawing, though perhaps a little less well done than average. Sal had trouble keeping the Pokémon on the post-it note, and Graveler is a bit condensed and still going off the sticky. Overall it was well done for a challenging rock Pokémon. Continue reading Graveler #75

Geodude #74

Drawn by: Joe Abittan Joe’s grade: D Geodude was another Pokémon from Joe. This one was drawn pretty early on and despite a lot of effort toward the Pokémon, the drawing just did not come out as well as hoped. Joe originally drew the top version, and later replaced it with the original Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow Gameboy version. Ultimately, both forms of the rock ball Pokémon were a little too challenging for Joe’s rudimentary skills. Continue reading Geodude #74

Weepinbell #70

Drawn by: Sal Joe’s Grade: A Weepinbell was significantly better drawn than Bellsprout, which is not surprising considering Sal drew Weepinbell and Joe drew Bellsprout. The Pokémon show a clear evolution in terms of drawing quality (get it ;)) and Weepinbell has good shading and a good shaping. Sal also got it to fit entirely on the post-it note, something he struggled with frequently. Continue reading Weepinbell #70

Machamp #68

Drawn by: Jose Joe’s Grade: B Jose’s Machamp earned a B for a well drawn Pokémon. The shape was good, the muscles were well defined, and the Pokémon looks like a badass. Jose did not include any shading and some of the multiple limbs do look a little funky, but overall it is an excellent work of art from Mr. Barron. Continue reading Machamp #68