Alakazam #65

Drawn by: Erick G. Joe’s Grade: A Erick drew several of the third stage evolution Pokémon since he was the true master. Alakazam was an excellently drawn Pokémon and this version was actually the second that he drew. He was on point with shading and the mustache and mostly had the Pokémon fit in the post-it note. Advertisements Continue reading Alakazam #65

Kadabra #64

Pokémon Drawn By: Jose Joe’s Grade: B- Kadabra was not the best Pokémon drawn by Jose, but it was not absolutely terrible. Sure, Drowzee (also drawn by Jose) is laughing at Kadabra from down below, but it still deserved at least  something in the B range. This particular version of Kadabra, as you can see, is the rock concert version complete with appropriate hand gestures and lighter. Continue reading Kadabra #64

Abra #63

Drawn By: Jose Joe’s Grade: A Abra was one of Jose’s best Pokémon drawings. The only other A that Jose got from a drawing was Growlithe. Jose did draw three other A- Pokémon, Caterpie, Nidoqueen, and Victreebell. Overall I was quite impressed with Jose’s work on a challenging little Pokémon. Continue reading Abra #63

Poliwrath #62

Drawn by: Jose B. Joe’s Grade: B+ Poliwrath was one of the few third stage evolution Pokémon that we did not have Erick G. draw.  Overall Jose did an excellent job, but it was just not quite an A. You can see some palimpsest marks from spots that Jose previously erased but Poliwrath fits well on the post-it note and is overall well shaped. Continue reading Poliwrath #62

Poliwag #60

Drawn by: Joe Joe’s Grade: F- Poliwag was where it all started for Joe. The first two Pokémon drawn by Joe were Charmander and Poliwag, and Poliwag definitely took the crown of worst Pokémon drawn. It was very early on and very poorly done, but Joe did improve significantly. Joe eventually did re-draw the Pokémon and eventually the re-draw will be added to this post. I did draw a better Poliwag at a later date to avoid having to look at the terrible original Poliwag: Continue reading Poliwag #60

Mankey #56

Drawn by: Jose B. Joe’s Grade: B- Mankey was drawn relatively early on and was one of the first Pokémon where Jose really did good shading. The overall shape of Mankey is not great, but Jose’s shading is well done earning a B-. Below Mankey you see the top of Grimer, considered by Sal to be one of (if not the) best Pokémon drawn by Joe. Continue reading Mankey #56