Mankey #56

Drawn by: Jose B. Joe’s Grade: B- Mankey was drawn relatively early on and was one of the first Pokémon where Jose really did good shading. The overall shape of Mankey is not great, but Jose’s shading is well done earning a B-. Below Mankey you see the top of Grimer, considered by Sal to be one of (if not the) best Pokémon drawn by Joe. Continue reading Mankey #56

Golduck #55

Drawn by: Jose Joe’s grade: D Golduck was certainly not the best Pokémon that Jose drew. He was one of the first Pokémon drawn, and things got much better. The Pokémon somewhat looks like he had a recent encounter with a teenage boy driving his dad’s truck. Jose had some trouble drawing the webbing in his feet, and Golduck’s left hand seems to be holding a wireless computer mouse? Overall, we applaud Jose for his good effort. Continue reading Golduck #55

Persian #53

Drawn by: Sal G. Joe’s Grade: B- Persian was one of the last few Pokémon drawn and was drawn by Sal who generally did better than me and Jose. He did a good job fitting Persian in the Post-it Note but overall the Pokémon does not really stand out. He had good shading and good shaping which was tough for us on dog/cat-like Pokémon. At the bottom of the image below you see the top of Dotrio, Sal’s true magnum opus of Pokémon drawing. Continue reading Persian #53

Meowth #52

Drawn by: Jose B. Joe’s Grade: D Meowth was one of the first Pokémon that Jose drew. He used a pen and just focused on the Pokémon’s outline and was a bit rough. The eyes make Meowth look either a little drunk, or a little punch drunk, or a possible combination with an intoxicated Blastoise nailing him with a hangover beer powered hydropump blast. Continue reading Meowth #52

Dugtrio #50

Drawn By: Sal G. Joe’s Grade: B+ Sal drew Dugtrio and drew my Diglett out of the water in the process. Dugtrio has an aggressive look, good shading, and nice detail with the dirt around it. I originally only gave it a B, but I think I may have to bump this Pokémon up to an A. Sal did an excellent job fitting Dugtrio in the center of the post-it, which is not something he always managed. Continue reading Dugtrio #50

Diglett #50

Drawn by: Joe Abittan Joe’s Grade: C Diglett was one of the very first Pokémon that i drew. I was very happy with how it turned out, even though I picked the simplest possible version of the Pokémon to draw. I didn’t have much detail and did not include any shading, but overall I was happy with it even if Sal and Jose thought it quite rudimentary. Continue reading Diglett #50